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Vivactis contracted by Flemisch government

Vivactis N.V. is retained by the Flemisch government to integrate the MiDiCalTM system as part of a Strategic Basic Research program entitled: “Glycodirect, a microcalorimetry-based Directed Evolution System for the development of a Generic Glycosylation Platform".

The MiDiCalTM (Microplate Differential Calorimetry) allows quantification and comparative analysis of thermodynamic parameters. Vivactis is the first to offer nanocalorimetry in a multi-well format, bringing the technology within reach for routine determinations, including for comparative screening purpose.

The Glycodirect Project aims at using directed evolution and glycosylation as a means to engineer novel industry relevant enzymes. Selection of the most efficient enzymes will be based on relevant thermodynamic parameters as measured by the MiDiCalTM system.

“We are pleased to have Vivactis and its novel technology as a partner in this four yearmulti-million Euro project” says Professor Wim Soetaert of Ghent University, chairman of the project steering committee. “The open and accessible microplate-based nanocalorimetry system allows us to screen for improved enzymes faster without the use of labels.”