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CoWare’s Latest Software Release Aligns Strategic Technologies into Cohesive, Platform-driven ESL Design Environment

CoWare, Inc., the leading supplier of electronic system-level (ESL) design software and services, has aligned the strategic technologies it has developed and acquired into a new set of solutions for platform-driven ESL design. Platform-driven design is the major design trend in the electronics industry as system-on-chip (SoC) developers shift focus from individual products to product platforms that define a basic architecture used to derive multiple products over a period of time. With its native backbone of SystemC technology, CoWare has aligned its three product families into one product line that enables three key solutions for collaborative platform-driven ESL design: SoC platform capture and architecture exploration, custom processor design, and algorithm design.

“Since its inception, CoWare has been leading the way to ESL design. A sequence of strategic technology acquisitions, the pioneering work in the definition of the industry-standard SystemC modeling language, and the integration of all these technologies has produced the industry’s most comprehensive solution for platform-driven ESL design,” said Alan Naumann, CoWare CEO. “CoWare customers are embracing the platform-driven ESL design approach because of the economic and business value it delivers and the impressive results they achieve.”

“Our Elemental Computing product consists of a unique set of processing elements, and a sophisticated interconnect capable of executing complex signal processing and general purpose applications,” stated Jaime Cummins, CEO, ElementCXI. “CoWare is leading the way with the critical set of ESL technologies and the vision to integrate them in a meaningful way for our product platform development. We look forward to rapidly deploying this solution to embedded application developers in the multimedia and automotive markets that we will serve with our first silicon.”